Today, I stepped into a place of unbelievable peace

Everything just went away

I melted into this space in my mind

It is an amazing feeling

Free of emotion

Open heart


Nothing matters

My eyes opened

Seeing the ignorance

It is overwhelmingly clear

I have lived many lives in this life

Everything happens as it is meant to

Today, I found myself free of all the delusions of my mind


Me Puzzle

Pieces to a puzzle

That’s all I see when I look back upon my life

This or that from many moons ago, now makes sense and I see the bigger picture 

They are my guides, these children of mine

They are my companions in this life

As I am meant to lead them on to their path in this life upon this this earth

Piece by piece 

It all makes sense and the journey continues through this earth cycle.

Human time keeping is not in harmony with the Earth, moon, and cosmos.

This has been difficult for me to grasp.

My body is guided my by the sun and the moon cycles

To be energetically in harmony with this unharmonious physical being has been my downfall in my earth cycle. 

The new balance of world order, my world order

Breaking the chains of the human system on earth to recreate this existence.

Seeing the full picture as the puzzle comes in to full view.

I have never been able to envision myself getting old 

Now I see more than just a piece here or there, I see pictures everywhere 

#thoughts 6-21

Sitting in restlessness 

Surrounded by his lack of control

Finding center and ground

Awaiting the quiet of the night that comes

 When the air is completely quiet 

The sound of stillness is deafening 

It is here within me

What will I choose to focus upon

There is that which is within in peace 

If I wish to choose

There could be a dramatic scene if I wished to make one

What do I wish to see

Dreams in reality 

Making myself with everything I have 

This is another step along the way

Fly free my friends

~miso 💕

Walking With Ganesha

The path is clear

Journeying forward with only the obstacles of my own creation 

Om Shri Ganeshaya Namaha 

Om Shri Ganeshaya Namaha 

Om Shri Ganeshaya Namaha 

Surrender to the unknown destination of the way

Giving thanks for another sunrise 

Taking silence in my breath to fill my heart with gratitude 

Letting love open the eyes to my soul 

Seeing the world through the eyes of innocence with child-like wonder and amazement 

Standing in the warmth of the light

Stepping out of the sleep of reality to awaken in the company of grace, compassion, love

Floating through each step on the walk

In tune with the cosmos we are together on the way

Sharing love and light in the realm of dreams, the reality of the soul

Walking in the sea of stars to the ocean of dreams

Swimming in the darkness and light of the universe 

Snacking on cakes of stardust and sipping tea from the rivers of hope

My soul is nourished with love to fill my body in abundance 

Giving me the endless light for my path 

Chasing Dragons

They take me away and I am present in body only

My mind is out in my imagination chasing them

The ancestors of this ancient culture from where my magic comes 

A line of healers and philosophers, artists and craftsmen, gardeners and tenders of the earth

One with all creatures of the earth

Knowing our beginnings all come from the same source whatever name one may prescribe 

There was magic and whomever may wish to be argumentative with the way, magic is unexplainable 

Feeling the chill of the breeze in the midst of listening to a bird’s song is the sound of the palm trees blowing in cool air to calm my fire

Easing my mind and focusing on my breathing 

Entering the darkness and silence as my thoughts come in to focus

Greeting the man and other nameless faces that appear 

I am never alone, all I need to do is sit in silence with my eyes closed and someone will come in to focus

But they do not usually speak 

Only once has one ever spoken, he gave me a box of light and he said it was mine, I always had it 

Questions are never answered when I ask or I should say, words are never used to answer me and answers are not immediately given

There are things I just know and remember as I practice 

But I am seeking reassurance 

I am questioning myself 

Chasing dragons 

They hold the answers 

To seek them is to practice sitting and call them with silence 

If you meet one then you will know, you will understand and your dreams will never be the same

There will never be the reassurance I want because I am blocked to receive the praise

Doubt and fear still haunt me

So I chase dragons

I seek to dream and believe that it is real

My shadow is walking in reality as I live 

We, shadow and light, are awake in me

Light and shadow balanced in yin yang harmony for a breath 

My wings spread as I inhale and release as I exhale to sit up and open my wings to their full expanse

Flapping to lift me, leaving my body 

Seeing myself sitting but I am empty 

Floating above myself with my wings ready to fly free I am gone…

Living in my imagination and chasing dragons


There are moments with you that I don’t even remember breathing when I am in your arms.

My body is pressed against yours and the world around us melts away.

I inhale you.

Breathing you in.

Time stops.

I melt into you.

The way you touch me when you hold me.

I stop thinking and my body moves with your body.

I am breathless moving with pure pleasure from your touch.

My mind, my body, my heart and my soul are lost in ecstasy.

We are yin and yang.

Being with you makes me smile.

And when we are apart, it makes me appreciate the time I have spent with you.

My spare moments are spent thinking of you.

I want…

nothing but another moment with you to feel you hold me as I melt into you.

nothing more than to see you happy and nothing more than to make you happy.

nothing but to love you.

Being with you is magical.

We are eternally connected.

Our lives have brought us to these moments and you are magic.

You have touched my soul and filled it with love.

I’m just thinking about you.