Me Puzzle

Pieces to a puzzle

That’s all I see when I look back upon my life

This or that from many moons ago, now makes sense and I see the bigger picture 

They are my guides, these children of mine

They are my companions in this life

As I am meant to lead them on to their path in this life upon this this earth

Piece by piece 

It all makes sense and the journey continues through this earth cycle.

Human time keeping is not in harmony with the Earth, moon, and cosmos.

This has been difficult for me to grasp.

My body is guided my by the sun and the moon cycles

To be energetically in harmony with this unharmonious physical being has been my downfall in my earth cycle. 

The new balance of world order, my world order

Breaking the chains of the human system on earth to recreate this existence.

Seeing the full picture as the puzzle comes in to full view.

I have never been able to envision myself getting old 

Now I see more than just a piece here or there, I see pictures everywhere 


#thoughts 6-21

Sitting in restlessness 

Surrounded by his lack of control

Finding center and ground

Awaiting the quiet of the night that comes

 When the air is completely quiet 

The sound of stillness is deafening 

It is here within me

What will I choose to focus upon

There is that which is within in peace 

If I wish to choose

There could be a dramatic scene if I wished to make one

What do I wish to see

Dreams in reality 

Making myself with everything I have 

This is another step along the way

Fly free my friends

~miso 💕

Yoga  #thoughts

Yoga is my passion. It is my practice everyday. Every day begins and ends with yoga. 

But my practice is not about moving into fancy postures and working out. I think the pictures I see are beautiful and I envy the beauty of everyone and I respect the work it takes to have a strong, physical practice. I hope to one day find my way into all the asana I can as I work in through my practice. 

My first yoga teacher used to say, “Yoga is not a work out, it’s a work in.” 

I am a simple beginning practitioner of yoga. There is so much to learn and I understand that I will never stop learning. This is only the end of everything as I was taught because I am meant to be me.

This was one of the first books I read about yoga. I found it in a second-hand bookstore and all I wanted to do after I finished reading was to learn more. Who doesn’t want to be trained in the occult practices of the Hindus; it’s printed by the Theosophical Publishing House; its old and I began another aspect of yoga, I began to read yoga. 

Yoga is teaching me to teach myself.

I can read all kinds of different things and learn the same thing differently, I have my own interpretation of everything and I question everything. The only thing I have learned is that I don’t know very much. 

Sometimes I feel like I don’t know anything. Sometimes I know I don’t know anything. Sometimes I am nothing and everything is me. 

It is in these moments I don’t always find what I want, I am given what I need. Seeing what I have and learning, experiencing beautiful and horrific, emotional pain. I become the pain. I am anger and mistrust. I am fire and I burn brightly. I am the darkness after the fire has destroyed everything into ash. I am the Phoenix who rises. 

Chanting and creating a vibration that is in harmony with the cosmos. Moving to dance in the flow of the music that fills my mind in the mantra. Asana teaches me all the beauty of the physical body in its connection to the water, air, fire, and earth to heal myself and others. Our souls find the hearts of love which connects us all the flow of the cosmos. Connecting others in and to the flow of energy of love. 

This is yoga for me. My opportunity to work and learn as I grow with a new perspective on life. Seeing myself in the mirror, in the darkness, and in the light. Seeing me as myself in darkness and light. Being me in every moment. Loving me. 

The history of yoga is a tale of time that is a part of the story of the evolution of the earth. It goes back to the creation of humans and our evolution on this earth. 

I don’t know anything about anyone from anywhere. It is all a mystery. There are so many sources of information available that the idea of trying to absorb all of the knowledge out there makes my mind feel like it will explode. But I have this never ending thirst for knowledge. Someone posted a great link on my Facebook and it started me thinking about all the things I wanted to say. I couldn’t write it all in a comment on Facebook. So this is the end of my thought… and here’s a link to the article that set me off on this train of thought: 10 Things We Didn’t Know About Yoga Until This Must-Read Dropped 

#thoughts – The Beginning

The thought keeps coming back and until I release this, it will not go away…

We came from the stars and we are of the stars. There is a they and them who created us. Call all of this as you wish to name it but know that the evolution of species has had others, the they and them, alter our species to save themselves.

When they found Earth, they found themselves in a world just beginning. They studied the evolution of the planet and watched as it evolved. It had been so long since they had known the magic of evolution and life. Their own world was ending and they had to find a way to survive.

Evolving the life to create mammals which could hold their genetic coding, they would preserve themselves. The stories of mythical and legendary creatures are true. The stories of ancient folk and magic are true. Intuition and imagination are not far from the true history of life on this planet. There was a time when I questioned myself but today, I  write what I have known for my entire lifetime.

The stars in the night sky tell of our past and the history is what we see twinkling and shining down. Life has existed for much longer than we could even imagine. The never ending space beyond imagination is unfathomable in its expanse and immeasurable in our concept of time that is based on our solar system’s existence.

At one time in our planet’s evolution, the continents were one and they found our world. In perfect harmony, the earth formed and the beautiful vision of our planet from the stars was breathtaking. The heat from Jupiter created magic on Mars and there were once other worlds which are beyond our comprehension in the understanding of the stars. Watching and waiting, the earth evolved into a magical world. Other worlds ended and life shifted as the energy moved through the cosmos.

Yes I am saying aliens do exist and our connection is beyond what anyone imagines. The ancient cultures and the stories of creation are all true. The words and the way which someone learns is all based in underlying theme of life and love. The genetic differences came with the separation of the continents. Races came with the mixing of DNA from different mammals with them. Scientifically miraculous… we are them. Question as you need. Questioning keeps the thought growing. Question everything.

Details are not what I keep. This is all from deep intuitive feelings, I could be completely wrong in your reality.

If we are them and our evolution is a survival tactic then our control is also a survival tactic. Everything is not real but an illusion created to keep the species alive. Everything is possible.

When Atlantis fell, we lost a great connection with the cosmos. Much light was lost and the world of the spirits/aliens/angels/energies changed on Earth. But as we look around our solar system now, we see it too has changed. However it all happened, Earth became our world. We have lost our connection to the cosmos.

I could continue on to tell you how the different races evolved through the separation of the continents and the people evolved but you can see that. You can also see how they all come back to the beginnings and those are found inside of you. You hold the answers and the keys to opening your mind. You can change your world when you look inside.




That was the best feeling I have ever had

I felt my entire body move

every inch of every muscle as I moved my bones to hold the glass

Drinking water

and feeling it enter into my mouth

move down my body

putting the glass down on the counter

from my head to my feet

I felt my entire physical body

turning to move out of the kitchen

each breath

each muscle

each bone

the blood flowing filled with life

pure ecstasy in mind focus on control of myself

I am real in physical existence connected with this earth

I am alive on and in this earth

I am of this earth, the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars