Healing Services

With a combination of modalities, my approach to healing is a full-sensory experience that provides the body, mind, and soul an opportunity to be harmonized for optimal healing potential. The energy which is created by the body is stimulated and activated for an improved healing environment. Not everyone needs the same things so I treat each client on an individual basis and work according to their needs using massage, applied frequency medicine, and other healing modalities.

  • Massage and the power of touch is so essential for human beings. It has been shown in studies that people need physical touch. It is also important for our psychological and mental health.
  • Applied Frequency Medicine uses pure and harmonic sounds to stimulate the cells of the body. Sound healing therapy has been used for centuries in the ancient world and is presently known in modern medicine as electromagnetic pulsing, resonant sound, sound resonance, biofield resonance, and many other names. It is being used for treating depression/anxiety, diseases, and tissue/organ healing.
  • Crystals also help to move energy in/out and throughout the energetic body and aura. They help to create and hold an energetic vibrational field that stimulates the cells in the body.
  • Aromatherapy has also been used for centuries, with essential oils and energy healing as an Usui Reiki Master, I help clients connect with the senses.
  • Tissue Salts add minerals to the body for another level of nutrition to enhance the body’s ability to heal.

Specializing in pain relief for hip-low back, frozen shoulder, arthritis, golfer and tennis elbow, neck and shoulder tension, TMJ symptoms, inflammation symptoms, may help with kidney and gall bladder stones, and many more issues and/or chronic ailments.

Below, you will find links to articles for more information about some of the healing techniques used in my practice.

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Why Sound Heals

Vibrational Healing the Power of Sound to Heal

Everything You Need To Know About Reiki

What’s The Deal With Sound Baths And Do They Actually Work?

The Uses And Benefits Of Music Therapy


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