Are you ready to experience healing and living in a whole new way?

Do you need help healing your body?

Do you need help connecting your body, mind, and soul?

With the combination of massage, sound healing, essential oils, Reiki and Yoga, my approach to healing is a full-sensory experience that provides the body, mind, and soul an opportunity to be harmonized for optimal healing. The energy which is created by the body is stimulated and the cells are activated for healing. Some clients may be sensitive to scents and/or sounds, others may need a full-range of sensory stimulation for healing. Not everyone needs the same things so I treat each client on an individual basis and work according to their needs.

In March of 2019, I became a licensed massage therapist so that I could offer a variety of healing modalities and techniques to help facilitate healing on different levels/layers of the physical, mental/emotional, and energy body.  My personal life led me to need physical and mental/emotional healing and this is where I learned that I have a gift. I can help people feel better and heal as others have helped me to do.

Massage and the power of touch healing is so essential for human beings. It has been shown in studies that people need physical touch. It is important for our psychological well-being and mental health. Sound healing therapy has been used for centuries in the ancient world and is presently known in modern medicine as electromagnetic pulsing, sound resonance, biofield resonance, and other names. It is being used for treating depression/anxiety and physical healing. Crystals also help to move energy in/out and throughout the body and aura. Aromatherapy has also been used for centuries, with essential oils and energy healing as an Usui Reiki Master, I help clients connect with the energy of the earth and the universe.

Below, you will find links to articles for more information about some of the healing techniques used in my practice.

The Healing Power of Touch

The Science of “Vibes” Shows How Everything Is Connected

Why Sound Heals

Vibrational Healing the Power of Sound to Heal

Everything You Need To Know About Reiki

 What’s The Deal With Sound Baths And Do They Actually Work?


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