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Bodywork Healing Sessions: Combining the modalities of Massage (deep-tissue, therapeutic) and Applied Frequency Medicine, this is the perfect way to relax your mind, alleviate the aches and pains in your body, and soothe your spirit. Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and massage make a perfect combination to help your body be in homeostasis. This activates the body to harmonize itself for healing and creates a stable environment for the systems of the body.

  • 60 minute sessions: $100
  • 90 minute sessions: $150
  • Please plan on approximately 15 minutes extra as healing sessions are complete 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Healing package sessions available.
  • Specializing in pain relief for hip-low back, frozen shoulder, tendinitis, bursitis, gout, arthritis, neck and shoulder tension, insomnia, headaches, TMJ symptoms, inflammation issues, may help with liver, kidney and gall bladder ailments, issues related to auto-immune diseases and/or chronic ailments.
  • Introductory Bodywork Packages available:
    • 3-one hour sessions: $250
      4-one hour sessions: $320
      3- 90 minute sessions: $375
      4- 90 minute sessions: $500
      New clients only

    Sound Bath: Your personal sound healing session using tuning forks, singing bowls, crystals, and/or Reiki bring together a variety of modalities for energy healing together for you. This is an opportunity for you to relax and open yourself to a whole new world. Raise your vibration and elevate your life as you are aligned with the language of the universe which is frequency, vibration and the energy of sound. Those who are sensitive to touch may enjoy this better than a massage. There is minimal touch as the vibrations will do all the work to stimulate your nervous system to activate your body for healing.

    • 60 minute sessions: $100
    • 90 minute sessions: $150

    Free Oracle Card drawing with each session. Healing package sessions available.


    Private Group Sound Healing Meditation IMG_8305

    Small group sessions: 4 – 10 people $20/person

    Large group sessions: 10-20 people $250/hr

    Group sessions are one-hour sound meditations using Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Planetary Hand Chimes, and/or Tuning Forks. Have a mat or blanket to sit on, bring a pillow too.

    Private Yoga: Want to learn more than just a pose, want to learn how to build the muscles in the body to develop your “perfect” pose? Interested in learning about chanting and/or meditation? What is Yoga? We all have different ideas about what Yoga is, I ask you this when you come for a class, “What do you want Yoga to be?”

    Together we can develop the perfect practice for you!

    • 60 minute sessions: $45
    • 90 minute sessions: $50
    • Small group sessions (minimum 2 people): $25/person


    Please call or text (808) 277-8218 with any questions and to schedule your appointment today.

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